SinaapS enables companies to optimise their transport, by themselves

Transport cost optimisation: 1% to 10% reduction of the spend

Thanks to:

  • a complete and reliable visibility on transport costs
  • alerts on transport dysfunctions
  • a simulation of the economic optimisation potential

Respect of the customer commitment and increase of the satisfaction by 25%

Thanks to:

  • a measure of the real performance for each customer
  • alerts on transport performance drift
  • a predictivity on customer dissatisfaction

Carbon footprint reduction: 10% to 15% decrease of the GHG emissions

Thanks to:

  • a precise and exhaustive GHG calculation for each shipment
  • alerts on contribution to CO2 emissions
  • an assessment of the impact of greener solutions

Innovative components at the service of optimisation

Integration of multi-source data

Our interfaces and monitoring tools capture large volumes of private and public data, from many heterogeneous sources (ERP, WMS, TMS, carriers, etc.).

Standardisation & interpretation

Our calculator (Sinergie) standardises this heterogeneous data and interprets it through management rules developed by our expert teams.

Application of innovative algorithms

Our R&D unit has conceived and developed innovative algorithms, the result of 12 years of transport optimisation and research work in Artificial Intelligence.

Alerts & optimisation proposals

Our dedicated web portal, customised to the needs of our customers, allows a quick understanding of the issues and an identification of the optimisation levers via alerts.

A few screenshots of the dedicated web portal

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Transport costs

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Greenhouse Gases

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